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Remote Pad

Use your iPhone or iPad as wireless numbers & key pad for your Mac. Extend your MacBook keyboard without buying hardware or carrying additional weight.
To establish connection with your Mac follow quick in app tour or check more detailed guide here.



1. NumPad

Pretty self explanatory, right? And works just like regular keyboard. Tap to enter a number, hold - and the key will repeat itself until you release it.

ESC, TAB, SPACE and DELETE keys should make it easier to work in Numbers or Excel using just your iPhone or iPad.

2. KeyPad

Pretty self explanatory too... top row consist of Copy, Cut and Paste shortcuts, other than that its your basic keyboard keys.

You can use them to navigate between slides in Keynote or Powerpoint, and anything else that supports arrows and page up/down, home/end navigation.

3. App Menu

Here you can switch between your Mac computers or change settings.
Also, you can connect to another Mac by scanning QR Code.

Ah and you also have quick link to my other apps if you have them on your device (you really should, people tell me they are great - I'm still undecided).

Also if you feel like the app is helpful, you might want to tap that start there -and leave a review, or go to my Facebook page (yep still have it despite to controversy - its convenient support channel for some people), or Twitter and write to me.

4. Settings

Helper App for Mac is where you can download the app you need to install on your Mac to make this work.

Prevent iPhone/iPad Sleep- when turned ON it will keep the screen turned ON while the app is in the foreground, and your device is facing up. You can put it face down to turn the screen off - while you not using the app.

Theme selection- I find Black works best on iPhone X, but also on other devices, but that's just me...

You can adjust the force of the haptic feedback for the keys or turn it off if its bothering you.

Share with friends- everyone has to share this with their friends... haha... I'm just kidding, but I would be grateful if you do. After all I'm an indie developer and this is how I'm making my living.

Contact Support- something doesn't work, or you have a suggestion on how to make things better, I would love to hear from you. And will probably answer in matter of hours or days. If I haven't- I'm either sick, or just swamped. Or you yelled at me.

Welcome tour here is to remind you how to set things up- in case you got a new Mac, you lucky bastard.


From the app settings, you can enter Add / Edit screen, where you can add new key layout or edit exiting one.
To add a new keypad tap + button in the toolbar.
In editing mode you can rearrange, delete or restore defaults keypads to their original state using restore button in the toolbar.
You can also change icon, title, or copy existing keypad and use it as template for new custom one.

Editing Keys

Start by adding a new key by tapping a plus inside key layout.
You can also add new columns and rows of keys - using keys in the toolbar.
Tap on any key to assign to it keyboard shortcut like CMD+A or to change its title or icon.
Tap keys on the keyboard to add them but keep in mind you can do combinations of modifier(s) + regal key. Tap on the keys on the top to remove them.
Add couple more empty keys, select them and merge using merge button in the toolbar to create a bigger key. To select multiple keys you need to switch to edit more.
Also you can remove rows and columns of keys using toolbar buttons.
Or select a  key that spans more than one block to split it into parts using split button.
And you can delete selected keys using delete button.