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Remote Control for Mac

Instantly turn your iPhone & iPad into universal remote control for your Mac with keyboard and trackpad.

For just $3.99

Remote Control for Mac

Use Remote Control for Mac app to control your Mac's volume and what's playing in various media player apps. Enjoy wireless keyboard & trackpad that work from any distance in your home or office. Launch and quit apps installed on your Mac with one tap. Schedule actions for later, for example put your Mac to sleep after movie finishes playing.
Volume & media player controls
Multitouch trackpad & keyboard
Control AirPlay Display
Control apps installed on your  Mac
Sleep, Shutdown, Restart and more
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Rating: 4.5 out of ★★★★★ (167)

"Best app in its class
Great job on this app. I’ve used almost every other application available in the App Store with similar capabilities, so it’s refreshing to finally have one that is both highly effective and simple to use. And I love how easy it is to toggle between Remote Pro and Remote Drive."
– austingriffis
Control master volume of your Mac that has affect on all apps
Dismiss annoying dialogs or use gestures to navigate text or browse internet
Lock your computer from anywhere at your house or office
Control AirPlay Display of your Mac. Choose where you want to mirror it
Use media controls to control your favorite media player like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and others
Multitouch keyboard for you daily tasks: internet searches, switching between apps and more
Shutdown your Mac after movie playback finishes
Schedule actions for later time, like shutdown your Mac at the end of the movie, or just turn display off


Volume and Media controls

It doesn't matter if you using iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or some other media player. Now you can control all of them from one simple screen, from a far.

Kids blasting music in another room or spouse stuck deep in the work with headphones - have control of it too :]

Trackpad & Keyboard

Best way of browsing the Internet is on big screen TV sitting on your your couch, but holding keyboard and trackpad... nah. Use one device that is already handy.

Also have you ever run out of batteries on those things, wouldn't it be nice if you had emergency replacement for your Mac mini? :)

Apps & More

Apple's remote app is useless unless iTunes is already running. Kodi file sharing requires you to run Kodi. Wouldn't it be best if you could control what apps are running on your Mac from another room?

Or put your Mac to sleep once the movie finishes?