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Mac mini is my main multimedia device, it's hooked to the sound system and HDTV in the living room. One morning I wanted to listen to music while starting my morning, so I launched Apple's Remote app that controls iTunes just to discover it's not running, thus not showing up in the app.

That was disappointing, I had to turn my TV on, find my trackpad, just to realize batteries are depleted, replace them, just to click on the iTunes app icon, and only then I was able to use the app on my phone to start my playlist. Meanwhile, my coffee got cold...

It was a weekend morning, and I had some time to spare. This happened before, so I decided to find a better solution. I guess I could do the reasonable thing and try to find ready to use app on the App Store, but I recently switched from Windows development to iOS, so I was eager and willing to do it myself.

This is how Remote Control app started... and how sometimes being lazy leads to lots and lots of work :) Today my remote app is the best one you could find on the App Store.
Volume Control
Multimedia Controls
System Actions
AirPlay Display


This feature allows you to control your Mac master volume.

As I have discovered - Apple's Remote app only allows you to control iTunes volume. But if your master volume is muted or too low, increasing iTunes volume to maximum won't do a thing.
Swipe on the volume control to change volume
Tap on the volume control to mute / unmet


As I started to use my app more and more to control my Mac, I found out that I want to be able to use it to skip to next track in my playlist, or next episode of the tv show I was watching.
Previous Track / Rewind
Tap once for previous track / hold for rewind
Play / Pause
Tap for play / pause
Next track / Fast forward
Tap once for next track / hold for fast forward


Have you tried to use Apple Wireless keyboard on your couch? Was it comfortable? I don't think so. And lets not even start with the batteries being dead... You hit some keys, you don't see any response, then you try to turn it on just to find out it won't. Yak...
You can type in any language and even use dictation to type on your Mac


If handling keyboard on a couch is a challenge, wait until you need to use trackpad. Trackpad is designed to be placed on the table or some other hard surface and it shines there, but on your lap - no so much.


I'm using MacBook Pro hooked to Apple Thunderbolt display as my work computer. My work area table is next to my bedroom, and I found myself going straight from working to my bed, just to see that I forgot to put the display to sleep... eventually screensaver would have kicked in, and then it would turn itself as it goes to sleep, but in the meanwhile, the light was bothering me, while I was trying to fall a sleep. So turning off my display was one of the first things I added to this feature. But eventually this filled in with features like: Lock, Restart, Shut Down and etc.
Use system actions to control your Mac
Schedule actions by long press / force touch for later date
Add actions to favorites by long press / force touch
Cancel actions
Tap twice on SYSTEM tab to review and cancel scheduled actions


In my bed room I tried couple of things, Mac mini (fan noise was bothering me), Raspberry Pi (so sloooooow) and eventually I got myself Apple TV. And I loved it. But now I love it even more.

Now with AirPlay Display, I can make my Mac mini or MacBook Pro display on my bedroom TV, and can use my app to control it, so I'm browsing internet, reading books in iBooks, and etc. with just $199 Apple TV and its buttery smooth. Just amazing. One of mine better ideas :)


So I mentioned before, I have my Mac mini as my main media center in the living room. Usually I'm just running Kodi there, and watching tv shows and movies. But from time to time, I want to browse the internet or do something else... or Kodi just freezes up and stops responding to remote control (Apple IR remote control).

So first of all I added an option to launch and force quit apps, to help me with that, then I added an option to quit apps after some time, which is very useful if you want to fall a sleep with some tunes :)