Getting started
1. Install and run Mac helper app on your Mac (download from
2. Make sure you are connected to the same network on your iOS device and your Mac
No Wi-Fi available
You can use your iPhone's personal hotspot instead.
Turn it ON on your phone and connect to it from your Mac
Still "Searching..." / Not detecting my Mac
Finding and fixing connection issues is both easy and hard.
Easy cause there are only three things that in play here: you iOS device (iPhone/iPad), network, and your Mac.
Hard because so many things can go wrong.

To start lets try to isolate what causing the problem. Easiest way to do that is to change network:
1. you can try using different network if you have this option
2. you can try using iPhone's hotspot (by connecting to it on your Mac)

If connection is established after changing the network it means there is something wrong with it.
You might want to reboot your router to see if the problem solves itself.

If you are still unable to connect, after changing networks, I suggest you try to reset network settings on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad).
iOS caches all sorts of network data, and some caching issues might cause this problem.

If even after network reset you are unable to connect to your Mac, please see if you have a firewall installed, and it might block incoming connections.
And try to reboot your Mac to see if that helps (I know it sounds weird, rebooting your Mac... like something taken from Windows handbook, but... who knows).

If nothing helps - you can always contact me and I can try to look at the logs.
Nope doesn't work / I want a refund
Not sure what else to do?
You can contact via and I will try my best to help OR
You can get a refund from Apple within 90 days since your purchase.
To get refund use this website:
Controlling access
To control who can access and control your Mac, new version of the iOS & Mac now shows a dialog for each new device that tries to establish a connection. You can 'Allow' or 'Deny' access, and review all devices on your Mac, by clicking on the Mac helper app icon the menu bar, and selecting 'Authorized Devices'.
Learn More
Learn how and why this app was created, and discover its features here -
Unsubscribe / Get a refund
* To unsubscribe head to app settings, select 'Upgrade to Pro' and in the pop up view choose 'Manage Subscriptions', there you can cancel your subscription
* To get a refund you should use Apple webpage:
Do you enjoy using Remote Control? Please help us by rating the app, so we can continue to offer more features and implement your feedback into the app to make it even better.
1. Swipe on volume control up and down to control your volume
2. Tap to mute and un-mute
3. You can use your iOS device volume buttons to control your Mac volume even if you are not on the MEDIA tab
iTunes won't start playing
1. If iTunes is not on the Music tab it won't start playing if you tap 'Play' button - tapping next and then play will make it work
2. If media control buttons don't work - play with "F1, F2..." toggle in the app settings
AirPlay Display
You can control AirPlay Display to mirror your screen to Apple TV by tapping on the 'Media' tab twice (or swipe up on the tab bar)
1. You can see available trackpad gestures in the app tour (check app settings)
2. Swipe down on the tab bar to hide the keyboard and maximize the trackpad area
3. In the app settings you can adjust scroll direction and trackpad sensitivity
4. To drag/select you can use three finger swipe gesture or alternatively you can hold left mouse button until you feel haptic feedback of its being locked, and then drag/select with one finger. Tap it again to release the lock.
1. You can do multiple key combinations like CMD+TAB by holding CMD key and pressing TAB key
2. You can also use dictation to type
Live view
You can toggle live view of your Mac screen by tapping display button in the bottom right corner
If you need to zoom on certain portion of the screen tap looking glass icon to switch to zoom mode (tap again to switch back)
Bad trackpad performance
To improve trackpad and live view performance switch to 5GHz network whenever possible
Control AirDisplay
If you want you can control AirDisplay and mirror your Mac screen to your Apple TV using the app. To do that, tap on the MEDIA tab twice, and choose your Apple TV from the list that.
You will be able to continue and control your Mac using the app - so this is a perfect way to browse the internet on your HDTV :) I do it all the time.
Retina Mac and trackpad
If you see a problem with cursor location in the live view in the app, please manually update Mac helper app to the latest version from
Landscape / Full screen
Landscape orientation is available in the INPUT tab to show more of the Mac screen. If that is not enough you can go full screen by shaking the phone to hide top and bottom bars. Shake again to show them.

Quit apps with timer
If you love to fall a sleep with music - you can start playing your favorite tune when you go to bed, and schedule iTunes to quit after you fall a sleep.
You can add apps to favorites for quick access
Toggle between regular and favorite views by tapping star icon next to search bar
Additional  actions
Use long press or 3D touch to show additional actions like add actions to favorites list and schedule them for later time
You can schedule certain system actions for later execution, like for example 'Sleep'
Review and cancel scheduled actions by tapping twice on the 'System' tab (or swipe up on the tab bar)
You can add system actions to favorites for quick access
Toggle between regular and favorite views by tapping star icon next to search bar
Action doesn't work
Try to play with "F1, F2..." toggle in the app settings
Didn't find what you were looking for, feel something is missing here? Drop me a line to