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Episode #1 - Betrayal

Part #1 - Dying

John Smith is dying on hospital bed.
But he is saved by female doctor who gives him resuscitation.

Part #2 - 14 Years Ago

Two friends from MIT creating NaboCoin with maximum of 21M coins, which they joke about that its just half of the meaning of life,
to finance development of their invention - nano bots. Coins should become obsolete once nano bots are created.

Seth betrays Zigi and plants explosive device in their lab. Zigi is injured in the explosion - wireless charger for nano bots penetrates his head like a bullet, on its path breaking vile with bots, carrying couple of them in dormant state into his body.

Part #3 - Release

Resuscitation charges wireless bot charger - and they are activated, starting to repair John Smiths brain.
After couple of days - he awakes from his coma and remembers who he is.