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Remote for Mac

1. Download

Download installer on your Mac

2. Install

Install Remote for Mac helper app

3. Connect

Make sure you are connected to the same network both on your Mac & iOS device


Remote Drive
for Mac

Remote Control
for Mac

Remote Pad
for Mac


I feel a need to explain why this app is not distributed via Mac App Store, so if you don't care you can just skip to directly to download, but if you do, or have concerns about downloading some app and installing on your Mac - this is for you.

Some time ago Apple decided to make sandboxing a requirement for the apps distributed via the Mac App Store. Essentially what this means is that apps are prevented from doing certain things, like simulating user input, accessing files outside of their container, controlling your computer via Apple Script and etc. As you can imagine this will render apps like Remote Control, Drive and etc. pretty much useless. To put your mind to ease, this app uses encrypted connections, only works in your local network, doesn't have server component - so none of your information is transmitted to some other party.

If you want to read more about sandboxing you can do it here: http://www.imore.com/mac-app-store-and-trouble-sandboxing